1. My vehicle is insured, why would I need this product as well; I’ll get paid out by insurance if my car gets stolen?
The myth that most individuals live under is the fact that they have insurance. Depending on the insurance package you have and the vehicle you drive, the possibility that the insurance company will payout the exact amount in order for you to get the exact same vehicle that was stolen is slim. By subscribing to the service the possibility of a recovery is 50% higher than without it. In the event of a recovery will the insurance company then pay out less to you the owner as there will be less damage to repair. Which means were the insurance might have had to pay out the “Trade In” or “Retail Value” of your vehicle, they will now only need to contribute to the replacement of the ignition, radio and possibly window of your vehicle. This will also contribute towards your insurance premium not being increased significantly due to your risk profile being lower. The loss of a vehicle has a much greater impact on a family than just, my vehicle was stolen and I have insurance so they will pay out. Take the following into consideration:
  • Your vehicle can possibly be used in another crime like an armed robbery and or hijacking which places someone else at risk.
  • Mental Strain, Anger, Resentment to anyone even remotely looking or that you think might be a suspect and want to mean you harm. While the possible recovery and arrest will contribute to knowing that the suspects are no longer a threat to you or your family.
  • The loss of a vehicle also contribute to no transport and no freedom to do what you need to do.
  • The loss of Income as you need to attend to opening a case and valuable leave days to find a new vehicle if the insurance pays out.
  • Higher premiums when you get a new car, or higher premiums due to your risk profile.
  • If the insurance pays out and you can’t afford the same vehicle due to the amount that was paid out, you will then need to borrow more money to ensure you have the same vehicle that was lost.
  • Not all vehicle insured have a tracking device installed. Our product provides you with an extra level of security which will become clearer with the explanation below.
  1. I have a tracker already, that’s good enough surely as they can pinpoint my vehicle down in minutes.
Agreed, you have a tracking system installed. The first thing a suspect does is look for the tracking unit in the vehicle and remove it. I can provide you with many images of what a vehicle looks like once stolen or hijacked and what it looks like when recovered. While the suspects are driving will they start searching for the tracking unit by removing the dashboard, door panels and steering column looking for the tracking device. Not only do they remove the tracking system, suspects are constantly changing their Modus Operandi (Operating Procedure) by getting jamming units which scramble any GSM or GPS communication out of a vehicle. This happens even before the client knows that the vehicle was taken. A tracking device only works if it is activated and the tracking company is made aware that the vehicle has been stolen. At this point all they can do is distribute the vehicle details to their recovery team and state that the unit has been compromised.
Our application provides an extra layer of security which still distribute the “Important” information to a bigger network of Security Service Providers outside of the tracking companies network, which increases the possibility of success. Our application can’t be scrambled by any unit and the information can still be distributed even if your currently tracking system is compromised.
  1. If I get hijacked and 9/10 they will steal my phone as well, what’s the point if I can’t log in and report it stolen immediately? If it’s an hour after the crime, it will be too late to report it stolen anyway; it’ll be in a chop shop somewhere by then. So basically I have to hope they don’t steal my phone?
It is true that when you get hijacked the suspects will possibly also take your cellphone. When your vehicle is stolen you will probably have your phone with you in person, but let’s focus on the hijacking situation. Our application is a mobile friendly website and not a Android or iPhone app that needs to be downloaded on your phone. In the event that your phone has been stolen during the incident can any phone, tablet or PC be used to report the incident. Any persons phone that stops to assist you can be used to report the incident, all you need to remember is your mobile number and password you created, the rest of the distribution process is fully automated with no human intervention.
So you can only report the incident an hour after the crime? Once you have discovered that your vehicle has been stolen, the first port of call will be to the police 10111 call centre. During the process of contacting 10111 you will be required to supply your vehicle details, which under duress is impossible. Our application has the information stored for convenience to relay to 10111 which will also assist in distributing the information. The information at the same time can be distributed to more trained Security Service Providers Nationally. It can take anything from 30 minutes to 24 hours before the vehicle is circulated once a case has been opened on the CAS system. We are in agreement that the vehicle might be 100 km away by the time the vehicle has been discovered, but with the information being distributed Nationally within 7 seconds will contribute to the information being circulated faster than the current 30 minutes plus.
Our system has been proven effective based on the network we created where a vehicle was taken in the North of Johannesburg and recovered 48 Hours later in the South of Johannesburg. The vehicle was stored in a complex to be “cool” off as it is known by criminals that the first 48 hours is crucial in recovering a vehicle and recovery teams only search for a vehicle within that period. The information was distributed and a member of the public remembered the information being distributed through the Community Police Forum channels which we are affiliated with and reported the vehicle location. During the operation another vehicle was also recovered which was left to “cool” off.
This just proved the effectiveness and importance of intelligence sharing of our network.
Please take note of the following: Of the vehicles stolen, 57% are taken across the border, 36% filter back into South Africa as cloned vehicles and the rest (7%) land in chop shops.
  1. What is the rate of successful recoveries of people who have this product and have actually had their vehicle stolen?
To date we have had a 100% successful recovery rate of people who have this product and have actually had their vehicles stolen.
  1. Are the security companies actually going to bother to look out for my vehicle when they’re already protecting neighbourhoods for paying customers?
Yes we have agreements in place with the Security Companies that are willing to look for the vehicles (most of our Security Service Providers are SAIDSA Members). Reason for the Security Service Providers agreeing to look for the vehicles is because currently they do not have access or have limited access in receiving the information. Security Service Providers currently receive the information maybe once a week when they are sitting at the CPF meetings or via other channels if they do work closely with the SAPS which is still a delay in receiving the information. We work with any and all Security Service Providers and do not favour one over the other. Our clients information does not stipulate which Security Service Provider they are currently with, so in the event that a ABC Security’s Clients vehicle has been stolen, will the information be sent to CBA Security without CBA Security knowing that the vehicle belong to a ABC Security’s client. This is beneficial to both the client and the Security Service Provider as currently the Security Service Providers do not share this information amongst each other.