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Core Business

Our core service focus on creating a safer community by sharing your stolen or hijacked motor vehicle to Security Service providers nationally within seconds. These vehicles are used in other forms of crime as the criminal element won’t use their own vehicles to commit crimes. Most crimes a vehicle is used whether it is an Armed Robbery, Break-In, Drugs or abduction, a vehicle is needed to get away or reach the potential victim. A study was conducted and it was determined that 57% of stolen or hijacked vehicles are exported, 36% are filtered back into the South African market and only 7% end up in a chop shop.

With the criminal element constantly adapting their Modus Operandi (Operating Procedure) and access to Scrambling Units in the South African Market has it become essential to remain one step ahead at all times. Crime has become a way of life to most South Africans and we have become complacent and numb to the brazen attacks in and on our society.

Our service was started after years of operating in the Security Industry and due to personal attacks on our families through three stolen vehicles and two attempted hijackings. Four of these incidents occurred within a 6 month period.

Through our due diligence did we further find that though crime intelligence is shared within the community through Whatsapp Groups, are they usually shared in small pockets. Our network was created to expand those small pockets by distributing the information further than the community but per province or nationally. An estimate of around 50 Vehicles are hijacked or 150 stolen per day and these vehicles can be over 120kms away within an hour or less. From the centre of Gauteng in any direction can take two hours till the vehicles are in another province or four hours to reach the Mozambique, Swaziland, Losotho and Botswana borders.

So getting stolen or hijacked vehicle information out is key for a successful retrieval.

If we can’t supply the service in house, will we assist you by putting you in contact with one of our partners Nationally.

Electronic Systems and Design:

1. Electronic Risk Assessments
2. Independent Turnkey Risk Assessments
3. Electric Fence Installation and Monitoring
4. Alarms
5. Intercoms
6. Access Control
7. Outdoor Detection / Beams