About Us

Established and founded in January 2011 and operating under the name LINCIT CC with Registration Number 2011/011915/23 and trading as Pro-Active South Africa. Pro-Active South Africa is privately owned and located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our system has been under development since February 2013 and we officially launched our application in January 2016 in the Western Cape, after completion of the development and testing to ensure that the product is ready for the market. In June 2016 we expanded our service offering to the rest of South Africa within the Insurance, Banking and Security Services Industries with a National Network of 157 Security Service Providers.

Emphasis has been placed on service delivery to Vehicle Owners and Security Services in shorter periods of time by effective distribution and retrieval of stolen vehicles. The need for faster and accurate information (intelligence) with a focus on combating crime is the corner
stone of our service offering. We have adopted the attitude of building long-standing relationships through personalised service by being an extension to our clients business.

Industry Overview

There are over 12 009 553 Live Vehicles in South Africa Registered ending January 2017. With a mere 35% of Vehicles being insured and 65% of vehicles on South African Roads are un-insured. The previous un-insured vehicles are mostly due to being too costly to insure or the vehicles are not worth insuring as they are between 7 – 20 years old.

The theft of motor vehicles / organized crime is a profession like any other and the criminals are engaging in the activities for monetary benefit.

36.4% of Vehicles are disposed of within South Africa and 57.6% are exported to bordering countries. This said, the quicker information is distributed effectively to the correct individuals the more effective the Security Industry can operate which will contribute to the possible arrest of suspects in possession of stolen or carjacked vehicles.

The aforementioned will also contribute to our justice system being supported with tangible evidence as suspects are arrested with vehicles in their possession. By arresting suspects this can also lower other forms of crime like armed robberies, break-ins and thefts which stolen vehicles are often used in.

Impact Analysis

Please take note that the below findings are based on market research, information acquired via Crime Stats SA, South African Police Services Crime Statistics and Victims of Crime Surveys.

• The recovery rate on the said geographical areas are estimated between 40% and 50% for vehicles with Tracker Units.

• The most likely vehicles to be stolen or carjacked are VW’s and Toyota’s.

• Crime statistics indicated theft of motor vehicles and carjacking’s for the period 2015 – 2016 as 68 411.

The aforementioned is based on SAPS Statistics and is 6 – 18 months old.

• Carjacking has gone up 14% year on year and theft of motor vehicles decreased by 2.3% nationally year on year.

• 80.7% of Theft of Motor Vehicle and Motor Cycle were recorded in KwaZulu-Natal (8673), Western Cape (8378) and Gauteng (26646) respectively over the 2015 and 2016 financial year.

• 82.8% of carjacking’s were recorded in Western Cape (2032 – 32.8% increase), KwaZulu-Natal (2493 – 3.2% increase) and Gauteng (7367 – 7.3% increase) respectively over the 2015 and 2016 financial year.

Product and Services

Based on increasing crime statistics and considering the financial constraints of many low to middle income individuals, we have identified a need for enhanced vehicle theft distribution mechanisms in the event of an incident occurring.

Our system addresses this by being able to automatically feed relevant information to the right people timeously. In the event of a carjacking or theft, the vehicle owner can quickly and conveniently report the incident via smartphone. We have a national footprint of 137 Security Service Providers and Law Enforcement receiving the information within Seconds.

Motor vehicle owners register their vehicles with our system. We provide a two-step process for this as follows: The owner first sends a formatted SMS to our system in order to register themselves. They are then directed by way of a reply SMS to our website to complete their registration and to register the vehicle.

Payment options for the owner if they are registering directly through us are either monthly by way of a stop order, or a once-off annual payment via i-Pay.

Once confirmation of the owner’s subscription is received, they can then report an incident should the need arise.

The owner can report a theft or carjacking via our web application. For convenience the owner can create a shortcut on their smartphone to link directly to the reporting page. On a GPS-enabled smartphone and given the relevant permissions, the web app can offer the owner’s current location as a suggestion of where the incident occurred.

Once our system receives an incident report which ties in with the data we have on the owner and vehicle, based on the reported location, our system will feed the relevant information to local Security Providers and Law Enforcement agencies.

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